Student Organization Event Allocation Fund (SOEAF) Request Form

SOEAF Application

Welcome to the Student Organization Event Allocation Fund (SOEAF) Request form. Please note that this form must be submitted at least 14 calendar days prior to your desired event date. 

The Associated Students (AS) provides a wide variety of programs and services to enhance the educational experience of its members, the students of CSUC. The AS is committed to the development and preservation of a vibrant student community and believes firmly that student clubs and organizations play a vital role in that effort. Therefore, the AS and Student Life and Leadership (SLL) have agreed to partner to improve the efficiency of the distribution of student activity fee funds allocated to recognized student organizations by establishing a new operational partnership. SLL will manage the approval and event funding allocation determination process and the AS will oversee the revenue reimbursement and distribution of funds.

The AS policy on Student Organization Event Allocation Fund is intended to provide guidance for the allocation of funds to recognized student organizations for events and activities.

• Funding is capped at $4,000 per event.
• Each program, event or activity is eligible for funding from only one AS source at a time.
• Funds are not allocated for the purpose of fundraising for your club or outside organizations.
• Any requested food must show that it is integral to the cultural and programmatic aspect of the program, event or activity and necessary for the program's success.
• Conference fees, retreats and expenses for travel outside of Chico are not eligible for funding.
• No compensation in the form of wages or honoraria may be paid to CSU faculty, staff or students.
• Funding for gift cards, alcohol, tobacco products, or lottery tickets are strictly prohibited.
• Funding will not be provided for graduation celebration ceremonies.
• Funding will not be provided for water bottles or Styrofoam.
• A group or organization with an outstanding debt due to the AS (room reservations, catering, etc.) is not eligible to submit a proposal until the debt is cleared.

Your completed funding proposal packet includes: 

1. Set up a 30 min. appointment with a Student Organizations and Leadership Education Paraprofessional. Call 530.898.5396 to schedule. 

2. Submit completed Student Organization Event Allocation Fund proposal through this form. (Submission must be received at least 14 calendar days prior to event)

• Requests can be approved for programs, events or activities taking placing the following semester, including the fall semester of the upcoming academic year.
• For direct payment to performers, additional paperwork is required and may require meetings with AS career staff.
• Funding is primarily provided through reimbursement of expenses by valid receipt. We cannot advance money to the organizers.
• All reimbursement requests must be received by the Wildcat Leadership Center Front Desk on Friday of the semester finals week by 5PM in BMU 220.
• Approved programs, events or activities must include the ‘partially funded by the AS’ logo on all promotional materials.
• Approved programs must include 2 recognized sustainable practices within your event. (Refer to

Funding decisions will not be based on a student organization’s point of view. An organization’s event cannot be denied funding simply because it advocates a particular opinion or philosophy that may not be popular thought or practice. Viewpoint neutral criteria for evaluating funding proposals will only consider factors that are NOT tied to viewpoint such as fiscal responsibility, relevance to mission, and level of services provided. Nonetheless, viewpoint neutrality does not mean that funding is guaranteed or that allocation amounts must be equal for all organizations. Different groups may be funded at different levels because different organizations require different amounts of money to program effectively on campus.

To ensure the funding process is viewpoint-neutral, the following set of basic criteria has been adopted to guide funding decisions: 

• Requests must come from a currently recognized CSU, Chico student organization.
• The primary audience of the program, event or activity benefits CSU, Chico students.
• The student organization must submit a detailed plan and budget outline about the areas for which they are seeking financial support to SLL
• From the date of approval, there must be at least 14 days to advertise and promote the program, event or activity.
• The program, event or activity must be free and open to all CSU, Chico students.

Name of Event:
Event Date, Time Frame, & Desired Campus Location:

Please note: Campus hours are Mon-Fri = 7am-10pm, Sat = 8am-5pm, Sun = noon-10pm
Describe your event:

(Please include the nature of the event, target audience, anticipated number of attendees, and if there is a cultural component)
Describe two ways you plan to incorporate sustainable programming in to your event.
Full name of your recognized student organization (No abbreviations please):
Event Organizer First and Last Name:
Phone Number:
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Total Amount Requested:
Do you have other funding sponsorships/resources for this event? If so, please explain what that funding will pay for.
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